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2022-2023 Elected Officials

President: Dave Molling
Vice President: Matt Rink
Secretary: Becky Dehli
Treasurer: Matt Nelson

At Large Member: LeeAnn Meeter

At Large Member: Bryan Pickett

At Large Member: Bryan Jostad

At Large Member: Rachel Arenz

At Large Member: Denise Downing

Program Support Requests

Requests for donations must be coordinated through the Activities Director's office. Please submit all requests to the Holmen Booster Club Secretary at

The Booster Club will not supply equipment or uniforms required by Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (W.I.A.A.).

Requests greater than $500 must be approved by the Executive Committee and then presented to the general membership for approval at the meeting following the initial request.

Any Holmen area organization, co-curricular activity or athletic programs that requests and receives a financial donation from The Booster Club will be expected to volunteer workers at a future Booster Club fund raising event.

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