2022-2023 Elected Officials

President: Dave Molling
Vice President: Andrea Tengblad
Secretary: Becky Dehli
Treasurer: Matt Nelson

At Large Member: Matt Rink

At Large Member: Bryan Pickett

At Large Member: Bryan Jostad

At Large Member: Rachel Arenz

At Large Member: Sarah Swackhamer

Program Support Requests

Requests for donations must be coordinated through the Activities Director's office. Please submit all requests to the Holmen Booster Club Secretary at holmenboosterclub@gmail.com

The Booster Club will not supply equipment or uniforms required by Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (W.I.A.A.).

Requests greater than $500 must be approved by the Executive Committee and then presented to the general membership for approval at the meeting following the initial request.

Any Holmen area organization, co-curricular activity or athletic programs that requests and receives a financial donation from The Booster Club will be expected to volunteer workers at a future Booster Club fund raising event.